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JoJo Jensen

A voice with a natural smile and a conversational tone, JoJo lends a friendly feel to any project. And yet, when she pulls out her serious voice… it’s a tone to be reckoned with!

Derek Shetterly

Derek has extensive experience in eLearning narration for many industries (medical, IT and legal training, to name a few),  has over 3 dozen audio books to his credit and thousands of short-form narrations for corporate branding and training.

Heather Henderson

Heather Henderson is an award-winning voice talent who has brought her rich, resonant core voice to hundreds of ads, elearning, videos, and other projects over her 20-year career.

Glenn Nobel

Glenn’s natural style is quite laid back, but he’s got an assertive side that sells automotive to wood products. He’s been heard in all 50 states and Canada, with additional clients worldwide.

Chris Elliott

Friendly, confident, professional – Chris Elliott’s relatable sound has taken thousands of projects to the next level.  Since she is also a multi-media producer/director, she knows the view from both sides of the production fence.

Dan Volz

Dan adds that little something extra that breaths life and dimension into copy

Blair Belloni

Blair has a hip, modern and youthful voice!  With a style than can cater to several demographics, Blair’s voice can be spunky, real, engaging, softhearted, adventurous, energetic, down to earth, mom-like, tenacious and sensual. 


Jack Barry

Jack offers a rich baritone voice that has been seasoned over his 40 years as a voice actor.

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